Solar Energy Monitoring

  • Bring clarity to O&M & improve generation of Distributed Solar PV plants
  • Powerful Asset Management.
  • Manage Portfolio View with drill-down reports.
  • Supported Inverters from all major brands.
  • Out-of-box, Self-service reporting.
  • Rugged gateway and Secure Cloud platform for 24×7 operation.

Environment Monitoring

  • The most effective and crystal-clear way to meet regulatory compliance!
  • Complaint with CPCB guidelines.
  • Remote Calibration Check and Diagnostics.
  • Regulatory reporting.
  • Preemptive alerts for preventive maintenance.
  • Email / SMS alerts for threshold conditions.
  • Data transfer to CPCB and SPCB.
  • Plug-in free PTZ camera integration.

Generator Monitoring

  • For effective fuel costing and managing your generator fleet.
  • Monitor generators located at multiple sites in real time on a single platform.
  • Get real time alerts.
  • Monitor fuel level in real time to minimize fuel pilferage.
  • Receive real time alerts if abnormalities get reported.
  • Reduce fuel cost by operating generator in high efficiency mode.
  • Monitor fuel level to avoid sudden stalling of generator.
  • Generator ON/OFF can be automated & monitored remotely.
  • Set automatic schedule.

Energy Monitoring

  • With a need for lowering carbon emissions and increasing energy costs, the importance of governments and organization is increasing towards energy conservation.
  • Remotely monitor energy usage on real-time basis.
  • GSM/GPRS and Ethernet connectivity.
  • Detailed energy audit reports.
  • Identify energy consumption patterns.
  • Meaningul insights to optimize energy usage.
  • Suggest optimization schemes.
  • Raise SMS/Email alerts for any spike in energy usage.

Cold Storage Monitoring

  • Constant monitoring of temperature is of utmost importance for refrigeration and cold storage industry to ensure sustainability of temperature-critical products.

Water Treatment

  • Ensuring long operation life and reduced onsite visits and making sure that your pumps are operational with optimal water levels and pH quality levels
  • Remotely collect temperature data.
  • Remotely collect energy usage data.
  • GSM/GPRS and Ethernet connectivity.
  • Identify & optimize temperature profile.
  • Raise SMS/Email alerts for any spike in temperature usage.